Energy Efficiency

Reduce Your Energy Consumption!

How Can You Reduce Your Energy Consumption?

Why “go green” when it comes to electrical construction? Simple: It saves you money and saves the environment.

Buildings currently account for nearly 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and the design and construction of green buildings will have a significant impact on the effort to reduce these emissions. Reducing the power it takes for a building to operate is usually the first step an owner can take to cut operating costs, while also reducing a building’s environmental impact. Energy efficiency involves using more efficient materials and equipment to generate, transfer and use energy. When you replace light bulbs or add sensor light fixtures in your business you help preserve energy resources and reduce the risks of global warming. Conservation can only save so much; a systematic approach to cutting energy use is necessary to be truly “green.”

At Ram Electric we only use Energy Star qualified lighting. It provides bright, warm light, but uses about 75% less energy than standard lighting, produces 75% less heat, and lasts up to 10x longer.

Rebate Programs

Most Electrical companies offer energy efficiency rebates for the installation and use of energy efficient lighting systems. Ram Electrical can help you upgrade your lighting system and qualify for the rebates offered by the electrical company in your area.

Contact us today for more information! Call or visit your electric company to find out how your upgrade can pay for itself.

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